Chickasaw Version

Hattak Móma Iholisso

Ishtaa-aya Ámmo'na Holisso

Hattakat yaakni' áyya'shakat mómakat ittíllawwi bíyyi'ka. Naalhpisa'at hattak mómakat immi'. Alhínchikma hattak mómakat ishtayoppa'ni.

Hookya nannalhpisa' ihíngbittooka ittimilat taha. Himmaka hattakat aa-áyya'shahookano ilaapo' nanna anokfillikakoot nannikchokmoho anokfillihootokoot yammako yahmichi bannahoot áyya'sha.

Nannalhpisa' ihíngbittookookano kaniya'chi ki'yo. Immoot maháa'chi hattakat áyya'sha aalhlhika.

Nannalhpisa' ihíngbittooka immoot maháahookya hattakat ikayoppa'chokmat ibaachaffa ikbannokmat ilaapo' nanna aanokfillikakoot yahmichi bannahoot áyya'sha.

Hattak mómakat nannaka ittibaachaffa bíyyi'kakma chokma'ni. Hattak yaakni' áyya'shakat nannalhpisa'a naapiisa' alhihaat mómakat ittibaachaffa bíyyi'kakma nanna mómakat alhpi'sa bíyyi'ka'ni.

Yaakni' hattak áyya'shakat mómakat nannaka yahmi bannahoot áyya'shakat holisso holissochi: Chihoowaat hattak ikbikat ittiílawwi bíyyi'kaho Chihoowaat naalhpisa' ikbittooka yammako hattakat kanihmihoot áyya'sha bannakat yámmohmihoot áyya'sha'chi.

Hattak yaakni' áyya'shakat mómakat yammookano ittibaachaffahookmaka'chi nannakat alhpi'sa bíyyi'ka'chika.

Hattak mómakat ithánahookmaka'chi.

Himmaka' nittak áyya'shakat

General Assemblyat

Nanna mómaka nannaka ithánacha ittibaachaffahookmakoot nannaka alhíncha'chikat holisso ikbi.


Himmaka' nittakookano hattak yokasht toksalicha'nikat ki'yo. Hattak mómakat ittíllawwi bíyyi'kacha nanna mómaka ittibaachaffa'hitok.


Hattakat pisa ittimilayyokhacha kaniyaho aamintihookya mómakat ittíllawwi bíyyi'ka.

Hattakat yaakni' kaniya'o aamintihookya ittíllawwi bíyyi'ka.


Hattakat hattak yoka'shcha aba'nikat imalhpi'sa ki'yo. Hattakat holiitopa bíyyi'ka.


Hattak yoka'at ikshoka'ni.


Hattakat hattakaakaynika kalakshichit nanna impállammicha'nikat iksho nanna kanihmi ki'yoka.


Hattakat mómakat hattak bíyyi'ka.


Hattak naapiisa' alhihaat hattak mómaka ittíllawwicha'nikat imalhpi'sa.


Hattakat nannikchokmoho hattak iyahmohmikma naapiisa' alhihaakoot hattak yamma apila'chi.


Hattakat nanna kanihmi ki'yoka yokacha' ki'yo kanahoot nanna onhochika.


Yokashtokookma court ishtayyana inaapisa'akoot inaapisa'chi nannakat alhpi'sa bíyyi'ka'chiho.


  1. Kanahaat nanna ikchokmoho yámmohmi imahoobakmat naapiisa' alhihaakoot nannakat alhpi'sa bíyyi'kaho inaapiisa'chi, anompa loma' nannakya ikshoho.

  2. Nannakat ikchokmoho ishyámmohtok ki'yokya naapiisa' alhihaat nannalhpisa'a ilánchikma falammisht anompa achonhochi banna'nihookya yahma' ki'yo, naalhpisa'at ikshokíshtokootoko.


Nanna ishkanihtok ki'yohootoko kanahaat nanna chiikanihcha' ki'yo.


  1. Kaniya'o aya chibannakmat ishiyya'hi bíyyi'ka. Kaniya'o ánta chibannakmat ishánta'hi bíyyi'ka.

  2. Yaakni' kaniya'ookya ishiyya'hi bíyyi'ka. Aatokmat falamat ishaa-attatokma aya chibannakmat ishiyya'hi bíyyi'ka.


  1. Kaniya'o ishántaka kanahaat ikayoppachokma kaniya'ookya ishiyya'hi bíyyi'ka.

  2. Nanna ikchokmoho ishyammohmikmat kaniya'ookya ishiyya' ki'yo.


  1. Kaniya'o ishaa-attattookookya kaniya'o aya chibannakmat ishiyya'hi bíyyi'ka.

  2. Kaniya'o ishaa-attattookmat ánta chibannakmat ishánta'hi bíyyi'ka.


  1. Hattakat ihoo táwwa'at kaniya'o ittihaalalli bannakmat ittihaalalla'nikat imalhpi'sa.

  2. Ittihaalalli ikbannokmat ittihaalalla' ki'yo kaniya'ookya.

  3. Kanahaat ittihaalallittookat inchokka' chaffaat áyya'shakmano holítto'pa.


  1. Hattak mómakat nannakat imáyya'sha bíyyi'ka.

  2. Kanahoot imaaisha' ki'yo immi'ootoko.


Kanahaat nanna aayimmikat ittimilayyokha bíyyi'kahookya, nannaho ayoppachi bannakmat ayoppacha'ni.


Nannaho anokfilli chibannakmat ishanokfilla'ni. Nannaho holissochi chibannakmat ishholissocha'ni. Holisso nannaho ittimanompoli chibannakmat istimanompola'ni.

Anompa Kanihmo'si20

  1. Nannaho ishtittanahaat áyya'shcha ittibaanokfillika ibaafóyyokha chibannakmat ishibaafóyyokha'ni.

  2. Nanna ishtáyya'shaka ibaafokha ikchibannokmat ishibaafokha' ki'yo.


  1. Ittibaachaffahookmat hattak mómakat naalhpisa' ikba'ni.
  2. Kanahaat naalhtoka' nannaho malili bannakmat malila'ni.
  3. Hattak mómakat kanaho naalhtoka' atookoli bannakmat imvoota'chi.


Kanihmit ánta chibannakat ishahánta'ni. Kanaho ishhottopacha' ki'yo.


  1. Aatoksali' chokmakillaho hattakat aatoksala'ni.

  2. Kaniya'o ishaatoksalikat hattakat toksalikat kanihmi imalhtobahookma ittíllawwihoot chimalhtoba'ni.

  3. Ta'osso lawaho ishikbihookmakoot aa-atta ishhayocha'chi.

  4. Uniono ibaafokha chibannakmat ishibaafokha'ni.


Ishtoksali bíyyi'kaka hashi' kanalli kanihmika chímahookmako ishfóha'ni.


  1. Nanna mómaka ishatahlihookmaka'chi — ishimpa'chi; naafokha; ishaa-atta'chi; alikchi' ishimayya'chi — mómaka ishatahlihookmaka'chi. Nannahoot chikanihmihookma kanahmat achipilakmaka'chi.

  2. Chipotaat kaniya'o aamintihoot áyya'shahookya kanahmat apilakmaka'chi. Ishki' mómaho apilakmaka'chi.


  1. Chipota mómakat holissaapisa' aya'nikat imalhpi'sa, ta'osso nannikimikshohookya. Kana mómakat nanna aaithana' aya bannakmat aya'ni.

  2. Hattakat nanna aaithana' ayakma nannakat alhpi'saho imanolikma chokma'ni.

  3. Chipota áyya'shakma ishki' inki' táwwa'akoot holissaapisa' kaniya'o ayachi bannakmat ayacha'ni.


  1. Kaniya'o nanna ishtáyya'shakma kanahoot ayyacha ibaayahmi bannakmat yahma'ni.

  2. Kanahookya nanna ikbicha kanchi bannakmat kancha'ni, ta'osso isha'chikat.


Anompa kanihmo'si yappa hattakat haklocha kanihchit anokfilli bannakmat anokfilla'ni. Nannaho kanihmi bannakmat yahma'ni.


  1. Kana mómakat ittapilakmakilla.

  2. Hattakat naalhpisa' ikbi, hattak apila bannahoot. Naalhpisa' kobaffa' ki'yo.

  3. Anompa kanihmo'si yappat alhkaniya' ki'yo.


Holisso tobattooko kanahookya ikimalhkaniyyoka'ni.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights



Total Speakers
1,000 (1987)

Usage by Country
Home Speakers: USA

Chickasaw is spoken in south-central Oklahoma, USA, in the western part of the Chickasaw Nation, which functioned as an independent political entity during the second half of the nineteenth century. Chickasaw is a seriously endangered language with only a few hundred speakers, the youngest of whom is close to 50. All speakers are bilingual in English; many speakers are also familiar with the closely related language Choctaw, largely because of the wide use of the Choctaw hymnbook and Bible. Chickasaw and Choctaw form the Western branch of the Muskogean family of languages. The Chickasaw originally lived in areas of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, but were forcibly relocated to Oklahoma by the United States government beginning in the 1830s on the Trail of Tears. Traditionally, the Chickasaw are considered one of the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma.


To live in peace and harmony